Yellowstone and Bryce Canyon Sightseeing Tour - 9 Days


Day 1 :

Today we will meet and depart from Los Angeles and pass through the Mojave Desert, and world-famous casino city of Las Vegas, Nevada to reach Zion National Park. See the beautiful rock walls and streams of Zion National Park. Next, we will have a scenic drive thru Arizona State Route 30, where there are many Indian residents. Geological movement and natural erosion of sandstone and dunes have formed today’s unique geography. After passing through the mighty Virgin River Gorge, we will arrive at St. George, Utah for overnight stay.

Early departure this morning for Antelope Canyon, known as one of the world’s top ten photography meccas. Antelope Canyon is a world-famous slit canyon, belonging to the Navajo Aboriginal Reserve. The huge red sandstone has been eroded by millions of years of mountain winds and rain, forming an vast scenic world of light and shadow in the valley. After, depart from Antelope Canyon, and continue North for 3 hours for Bryce Canyon National Park. See the natural beauty of this park. After, arrive in Salt Lake City in the afternoon and prepare for the next day’s itinerary. Overnight in Utah’s largest city, Salt Lake City.

Today we will depart early in the morning, travel along the North Dayan Lake, which has seven times the salt content of the sea. See the famous Cowboy Thirty-Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the United States. Located on the largest active volcano in the world, Yellowstone has more than 8,000 geothermal vents, coupled with a unique biological and ecological environment. We will stay overnight outside Yellowstone Park.

In the morning, head to the Western Cowboy Museum to visit the handmade saddles and cowboy belts, Western cowboy life equipment, cultural relics collections, and learn the history. After, we will enter the park from the north entrance of Yellowstone Park, and visit the Mammoth Hot Springs and colorful terraces. Carbonized volcanic craters and small lakes in the forest are filled with light and steam, just like a mythical world.

In the morning, visit Yellowstone National Park, and see the famous “Old Faithful” fountain today. On route you can see the charming Yellowstone Lake, the majestic Yellowstone Canyon, the dazzling Yellowstone waterfall, and the mysterious and tranquil forest. The beautiful scenery of the volcanic crater can be found all around this ancient volcanic plateau, which is about a quarter the size of Taiwan. It is also the largest wildlife sanctuary in the United States. The river has trout that works to reach the upper rivers. Truly magical cycle of life, they bears are feeding on the fish.
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Today we will depart early morning, we first came to the West Yellowstone Geyser Basin on the south side of the park. If the morning is cold, you can see the amazing steam show. A famous attraction is undoubtedly the fishing hole. Many fishermen used to catch fish in Yellowstone Lake and would use the steam from the hot spring in the geyser to cook it. Saying goodbye to Yellowstone Park, we will head to the “most beautiful national park” in the United States – Grand Teton National Park, about an hour’s drive south. Most of the peaks of Grand Teton National Park are covered with snow all year round. It is a very popular spot for photographers from all over the world. Then we will visit Jackson Township, which is the only way to enter Grand Teton and Yellowstone. The frequent shuttles of cowboys made this prosperous place. You will see some unique things at Antler Park. The arches are made of antlers and they are all built with real antlers. The 7,500 antlers are stacked together, which is amazing. Then head to the western – style Jackson City to go shopping and enjoy meals.
Reminder: Yellowstone National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains, about 7000 feet above sea level; the temperature in the morning of midsummer, July and August is sometimes only 4℃, please keep warm.

Depart in the morning for Jackson Lake at the foot of the mountain and see from a distance, Snake River winding through, like a fairyland! Then come to the authentic western cowboy town – Jackson Hold, which is also a world-famous holiday destination, don’t miss the Antler Park in the city center! After that, proceed to the capital of Utah – Salt Lake City. Upon arrival, visit the Mormon Cathedral, Utah State Government Building sightseeing and city sightseeing.

In the morning, head to the Utah State Capital Building to visit the state government. The palace-like government building is one of the few state governments in the United States that can be visited without a security check. Adopting the style of neoclassical architecture, the whole building is made of granite on the outside and gray-white natural marble on the inside. Much of the area is inspired by Mormon color and style, and the whole building is magnificent. It is a remarkable landmark of Utah and the most spectacular state capital in the United States. Then head to the world-famous Las Vegas, known as the world’s gambling and entertainment capital. After you arrive, you can take a short break or go to the casino to try your luck. In the evening, you can participate in a night tour at your own expense, with a song and dance show with dinner. You can also enjoy one of the many highest-level performance show in Las Vegas, at your own expense.

Today we will have a late departure so that everyone can have plenty of sleep to restore your energy. After breakfast, head to the Red Rock Canyon in the west of Las Vegas. Many year of wind and water erosion changes the earth’s crust giving us the redstones we see today. This is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Nevada, and is a paradise for photography fans. There are trails that are 13 miles long allowing people to take in the breath taking scenery and enjoy the magnificent and spectacular rock landscape. There are a total of 26 trails here, some of which are simple and suitable for children, such as Lost Creek – Children’s Discovery, some of which are more difficult and suitable for physically and experienced tourists. We will arrange the itinerary and time according to your actual situation to choose the most suitable route for you and your family. In the evening, we will return to Los Angeles to finish our 9-day trip. We hope you enjoyed your tour and come back soon!



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