Alaska Dome Train Anchorage to Fairbanks - 7 Days

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Take a luxury airliner to Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage. Anchorage, which was formed by the construction of Alaska’s roads in 1915, houses half of the state’s 600,000 population. It is not crowded like a typical big city, but it has the calmness of a small town. Upon arrival, proceed to the hotel to rest.

After breakfast, proceed to visit Captain Cook Monument, Ancient City Hall, Earthquake Park, and Floating Airport.

The magnitude 9.2 earthquake in 1964 not only destroyed Anchorage, but recovery efforts brought new life to Anchorage!

After, head to Whittier. On the way, you will pass through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel is the longest dual-purpose railway and highway tunnel in North America, with a total length of 4.05 kilometers. After arriving at the Whittier Wharf, plan to board the [Glacier Cruise] at noon to enjoy glaciers and marine life in this short cruise (full English-speaking guide). The whole journey takes about 3.75 hours. Enjoy the magnificent snow-capped mountains and glaciers of the Prince William Fjord, watch the wonders of floating ice and glacial rivers going to the sea up close, and wait for the shocking moment of the glacier collapse. You can also see whales, sea lions, sea otters, seals, seabirds and wildlife.

Day 3 :

8:00-Alaska Dome Train ¬-Fairbanks 20:00
Catering: Breakfast-hotel breakfast
Lunch-on the train
Dinner-on the train
In the morning, go to Anchorage Railway Station to take the Alaska Dome Train, which is highly praised by National Geographic, and travel through the hinterland of Alaska from south to north, passing through the snowy Denali National Park, overlooking the highest peak in North America- Mt. McKinley. In the evening, arrived in Fairbanks, the second largest city in Alaska, and check into the hotel to rest.
After a break, drive to the Aurora Cabin, which is far away from the city’s light pollution, perfect to see the aurora. Stay in the warm cabin with a hot drink, waiting for the appearance of the Aurora. The world’s best service train: Alaska Aurora Train “Alaska Aurora” is a passenger train operated by the Alaska Railway in winter. It departs from Anchorage, travels north through the hinterland of Alaska, and finally arrives at Fairbanks.
The train journey connects the main cities of Alaska and the beautiful small towns. Along the way, you can enjoy the fantasy and magnificence of the magnificent Alaska mountains covered in snow and snow, and spy on the beautiful snow-colored Taoyuan town along the way. On a clear day, there is a chance to see the dashing and heroic appearance of Mount McKinley, the “highest peak in North America”. The train also provides a wealth of lunch and dinner, which you can purchase at your own expense, to meet the perfect combination of food and beautiful scenery during your trip.
Upon arrival, take a break in the hotel and go to the Aurora Lodge at 2200 to wait for the appearance of the Aurora

Catering: Breakfast—Hotel breakfast
Lunch—Japanese cuisine
Dinner—Steak and King Crab Feet (TURTLE CLUB)
In the morning, go to Fairbanks, the must-visit Northern Polar Museum, one of the main cultural landmarks of Alaska, located at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Its architectural appearance evokes the imagination of the Alaska mountains, glaciers and Yukon River, and the northern lights with its innovative lines and spaces. In this museum, visitors are provided with a wealth of information about the humanities and culture of the polar regions and the aboriginal customs and culture of the polar regions of Alaska, as well as a more intuitive and specific understanding of polar knowledge such as wildlife and polar ecology. (If the Northern Polar Museum is closed every Sunday, you will go to the Vintage Car Museum to visit) After lunch, go on a retro steam cruise! The steam cruise is a must visit local experience. It takes about three hours for the whole cruise. In addition to the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river bank, the most anticipated things are the seaplane take-off and landing show and the sled dog training show!
After that, return to the hotel for a short rest, and then go to the Aurora Lodge at 2200 to wait for the appearance of the Aurora

Meals: Breakfast—Hotel breakfast Lunch—Korean cuisine Dinner—Chen Na Hot Spring Area (Western cuisine) Chenna Hot Springs plans to gather at the hotel lobby on time at 12:00PM and take the bus. First, head to lunch and then to the Chenna Hot Springs Resort. After arriving, you can feel the warmth of mineral hot spring bathing outdoors (please bring your own swimming suit; wear swimming Enjoy the outdoor hot spring bath), if it is snowing, you can still enjoy the fun of hot spring bath in the ice and snow. You can also visit the only ice sculpture museum in the world that is open all year round. This museum with annual ice sculpture contest champions is built with nearly 1,000 tons of ice and snow. The exquisitely designed sculptures will make you a photo of the US Open. You can also order a glass of Apple Martini $15 carved with ice at the ice bar to feel the wonder of the ice cup. In the evening, enjoy dinner at Chenna Hot Springs, and then return to the hotel for a short rest. At 2200, go to the Aurora Lodge to wait for the appearance of the Aurora

Visit today Morris Thompson Cultural Center, an exhibition hall that showcases the history and characteristics of Alaska’s nature, culture, and tourism. It uses museum-level three-dimensional models to describe and interpret the magnificent geographical environment of Alaska. And four seasons landscape activities.
Fairbanks is also a big national furnace for Indians and whites, and the vitality of the national fusion symbolized by the huge statue in Golden Heart Park. Fairbanks is the end point of the Yukon Quest dog sledding competition in February every year. The 1,600 kilometers long distance race is considered to be the most difficult race in the world! Afterwards, proceed to Alaska Oil Pipeline. This 1,480-kilometer-long Alaska oil pipeline starts from Puro Bay in the Arctic and goes from Urban to the exit of Valdez; it crosses the Arctic tundra area and dangerous tundra, so part of it is built on the ground and other parts are under the ground.
Then visit North Pole Village Santa’s House and Santa’s exclusive ride a Reindeer! You have the opportunity to take photos with Santa Claus.
After that, return to the hotel for a short rest, and go to the Aurora Lodge at 2200 to wait for the appearance of the aurora

After breakfast, take care of yourself in the Aurora House, and then go to the airport to return to your warm home.
**It is recommended to take a flight after 2pm
**If you choose to take the 9/16 early morning flight, you can also have a day of fun, participate in Alaska characteristic rafting or other activities at your own expense, and go to the airport after dinner (own expense) to return to your warm home**